Looking for Francisco Fordham, he would be about 50- 55 years old at this time. Use to go by the street name of Supreme or Premo, acts like a real hard ***. But he put a crime all on my shoulders when I was young, back in 1995, and he knew I would take the heat for it since he threatened my life if I didn’t. I heard he still lives in Allentown, he got his wife killed by burning a drug dealer, his wife name was Barbara Heinreich. He owes me an apology and I just want to look him in the eye and let him know that he stole a lot from me, but I still made it. He is probably an active drug addict and I am just wishing to speak with him. I won’t harm him or anything I’ve already lost enough of my life due to him.

I will pay a reward for a solid tip and a phone number / address. Thanks.

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