I was really glad to see Louis Geigerman’s name here. Here is my experience with Mr. Geigerman. I was the secretary for a prominent Hospital in Houston. Mr. Geigerman is a special education advocate, so he basically sits in special education meetings and tells parents to complain about everything and to request frivolous therapies.

He would complain about schools not doing a good enough job evaluating special needs students, and then request schools to pay for independent educational evaluation (IEEs). These are paid for at public taxpayer expenses. He would then tell parents to request these evaluations from the hospital I worked for. The workers in my office (occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, therapists) would then jack up the prices/rates of these evaluations and also write ludicrous reports in Mr. Geigerman’s favor to make him look smarter and to help his advocacy business. It was a golden goose for everyone and we had it set – he brings the grieving parents in, we would write the reports in his favor, get paid a whopping amount of money at taxpayer expense (on average about $3000.00 for the whole workup), screw over the school districts by recommending extra services to the student (typically Houston ISD) and then advertise Mr. Geigerman’s business for him. This was a sweet deal for all of us until he decided to cheat on his wife with one of our clinicians. Our administrators found out and tried to cut this cord. The clinician ended up threatening to make this relationship public and destroy the reputation of the hospital. In a panic, our lawyers paid out this clinician to keep hush and had her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

I haven’t heard from this guy for over a couple of years but I was happy to come across this website. I just thought I would share this story with the public, especially parents who hire him and wonder why he’s so pushy. I’m surprised there has been no crackdown of his practices yet. Maybe it’s because he’s not licensed or certified, so he can’t be reprimanded for inappropriate dual relationships or punished for abuse of power. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as he was a (failed) insurance salesman. It looks like the advocacy business pays better than insurance.

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