Madyson Hendricks you stupid ***** we are going to get you. Scott, catherine and myself are going to take you down. I can not wait till that little brat baby of yours gets taken away and given to
scott. Supervised visits will never happen and I will be present at every visit and so will my kids. You do not make the rules anymore we do. We are going to keep posting and letting everyone know and what you are. You will not stop us. Catherine cant wait to take you down and we will laugh every step of the way. stop trying to call the shots and give up that baby. no judge will listen to you and we will make sure of that. A judge can not stop us, the police wont stop us no one will. you ***** what goes around comes around. how does it feel that scott came back to me. we will get that brat of yours and maybe beat some sense into that child so he has a chance at life. you stupid *****.

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