This man right here is such a dog. We are a group of women that this man has hurt and dogged over some petty mess. He will take from a woman but he will not give a dime. He broke up with a girl he dated from church he was seeing because he got evicted, AGAIN, and he wanted to stay at her place. All the while he was talking to other women. Why does he think I would let him stay with me. NOT. Then after me he tried dating someone I heard from his hometown, that didn’t work out. Then I heard thru the grapevine at church he married his so called best friend and she must be stupid if she married him and she is his best friend because he is using her. The bet at church is that he won’t stay with her for long and he will move onto the next. This man is a liar and a cheater with no regard for anyone. It is time to expose him for the mysoginist he is. HE WILL USE YOU FOR HIS GAIN AND WILL JUST UP AND WALK AWAY FROM YOU. THERE ARE A GANG OF WOMEN I HAVE SPOKEN WITH THAT HE HAS DONE THIS TO. BE WARNED. He is the type to make you think a woman has done him wrong and uses that to gain sympathy from you. I am not making this up. He is a dog, hoe, and womanizer.

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