Fake blonde bimbo who overdoes the tanning bed and is so insecure about herself. Mandi is delusional and has no clue people in her group think she is a nutcase. Mandi makes a fool out of herself everywhere she goes and ****** off so many people in Texas. It’s finally catchI got up to her. Mandi really has no idea who is posting this stuff about her because she crossed so many people. Truth is, it’s a bunch of us from her group who are exposing her for what she is. Stay the **** away from my husband, you Fat ****!!! Get back on your meds for your bipolar disorder!!! Oh wait, it’s too severe that meds don’t work! 42 years old and a complete waste of space and detriment to society, Mandi is a failure and always will be.

What a joke seeing how Mandi is appointing more organizers to do damage control. Fat ho needs to look at hers of- the real Mandi- and address her inner demons. She made a total *** of herself going around dfw trying to be a socialite these past two years. If the one lone person Mandi kicked out who Mandi says posted her online was really insane or psycho, Mandi should call police. But she didn’t, cuz she knows they’d laugh at her bad dye job anyway. You will all see Mandi’s true colors come out- yeah, it’s more than just tan!

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