Marco Letto is a selfish jerk who manipulates naive girls into letting their gaurd down. He will say anything to get into a girls pants, and any girl… even if it means lying to them and promising genuine intent. He claims there is nothing more beautiful than his sisters wedding and that he has always wanted to be with one person for life. After using them, he makes them feel like nothing more than trash and becomes a different/mean/cold person who disregards your feelings. After ***, he tells girls he wants to be free to meet new girls and have *** with any girl he wants without having to have to call anyone and that most girls don’t care about ***. If you are asked out by him to make sure he has really changed. Just know that he won’t be a good boyfriend and you will only feel degraded as he’s eager to find the next girl once he’s had you a couple times. Very poorly raised “modern” man. He is on the sites; Match, Bumble, Tinder etc, he tells girls he doesn’t want hookups or *** but after *** he tells you he doesn’t want a girlfriend or relationship and to go find other men to do things with… and the girls are basically left in tears. Typical hunter.

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