He will lie while staring straight into your eyes all big eyed and hopeful you’ll believe his lies. He will tell you your his soulmate all while planning someway to tie his bullshit to your life so he can suck you dry of your credit, your money, your strength and your hard earned belongings. He will want to put his business in your name or use your address only to wait for that one big check so he can take off and leave you holding the bag. Appearences are everything to this man and nothing is as it seems. You will think how could someone ve so great and supportive only to be left wishing he would get the h**l out of your life. He will cheat. He will control you physically mentally and emotionally. If you dont follow his every word he will attack you physically or anyone near him at the moment. He once attacked a stranger walking across the street because I “wouldnt listen to him” and that would teach me maybe next time I should “listen ” so innocent people wont get hurt. Good luck to any woman who is with him and may g*d be with you.

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