Professional liar. Con-artist, internet troll. Avid hedonist. Possibly married with children. Delusional man who claims to be only 28 years old. He is bald and old looking for 28. He looks like he’s in his 40’s. Matt states that he was born in 1988 and lives in Portland, Oregon. He could claim this intentionally, so others won’t find his whereabouts. Obviously, he leads a double life. There’s a 36 year old man named, Matthew Forney who lives in Albany, Oregon with a wife and children, which seems to be more accurate to what appears to look like this Matt Forney’s real age.

Matt has a blog and writes books about seducing naive women. He claims that he travels to poor countries and has *** with the young women there, without having to pay for ***. And he brags about meeting up with female fans/followers for ***.

Matt Forney is not an attractive man. His selfish *** addiction and disposition make him even uglier. Recently, he has been following conservative right-wing movements, which makes him come across sounding like a hypocrite. He gives advice on how respectful and proper ladies and families should be and then he’ll turn around and start rambling on about going to a different country and doing the women there, on the cheap. It’s obvious this guy has mental problems.

Women need to stay away from this “possibly” married man. They should stay away from him regardless, unless they want to be used, abused, and written about in his sick memoirs.

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