Greater London area beware! Matthew Smith, who works as OTC derivatives analyst at BNP Paribas London is a sexual predator
Matthew Smith,who used to works for JP Morgan London/ Bournemouth is a compulsive LIAR , CHEATER that routinely visits prostitutes and has AIDS, HERPES
He cheated on me with prostitutes and trannies /ladyboys he added on facebook .
Matt Smith has developped “yellow fever” from being constantly rejected when he was young due to his micro ***** and disgusting pimples all over his horseface !
He knows that Asian ladyboys are not fussy about men, they are only interested in getting $$$ and a visa so he has Asian fetish because he has no choice.
Matthew Smith routinely goes to the brothels in Chinatown and spends every waking hour online soliciting ladyboys/ prostitutes for paid *** , on dating sites, escorts websites , social medias…
He is so stupid that he adds them on facebook, claiming they are “friends” when in fact they re just online prostitutes and dont even know him. Thats how he got caught cheating!
Here some of the trannies he cheated with:
Aommie Chonticha , Faith Dablo, Nan Pawanda , Karen Lam, Jaylynn Cali, Emiliy Lie, Carolina Salas, Ana Rose Balaga, Ellaine Juanico, Ana Teano, Queensha Luphh, Angie Legaspi, Lisa Khamprapai, bar prostitute Etha Bastari, transgender Orit David….and many others!
Matt Smith has lot of disgusting STDs from gay *** with ******* prostitutes!
Matthew Smith spent 6 months in Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia etc.. just for *** tourism because the whores there are cheap and sleep with children and ladyboys
I bet if you do a search of this “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas” (thats how he calls himself online, and “smithmatt007”), computers and smartphone, you will find tons of child **** images and videos!
This SICKO needs to be locked up!!
details: full name= Matthew John Smith
He is from Herne Bay but lives in Clapham/ Brixton area
email: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

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