Meagan Jenkins for years has taken advantage of men and learned it all from her mother, Kristin. For anyone knowing this picture from Plenty of Fish, Dating Websites, or bars in Brandon Fl, stay far far far away from this douche. The one idiot she tricked into getting her pregnant is paying for it dearly and her mother controls her like noone’s business. She comes from a very dysfunctional family and she is mowing down men at a rapid rate. She lies about who she is when it comes to her affection, only to smash your wallet. Be very very careful and approach with caution because I think she cheated on me. I dated her briefly and all she talked about was a previous boyfriend that she ****** off and he eventually wrote a few books about it. Meagan Jenkins is a moody ***** who is a puppet controlled by her mommy and still lives with her. Who at ******* 30 lives with their mom?????? Well, check her arrest record and you will see why her mother doesn’t want her on her own. BE careful guys!!! –

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