Michael Cutbush , OTC confirmations analyst at BNP Paribas Investment Partners in London , you probably work / worked with the hideous creep Matthew Smith.
Matthew Smith , OTC derivatives middle office analyst at BNP Paribas, who is from London, UK is a pedophile, sexual deviant, sexual pervert, and physical abuser of women who also happens to be into child *********** as well.
This is a known fact concerning Matthew Smith who works BNP Paribas Investment Partners as OTC derivatives middle office analyst , after having worked for JP Morgan Chase in London and Bournemouth. Matthew Smith routinely visits the brothels in Chinatown and spend every waking hour online soliciting *** with prostitutes and try to groom underage children to have *** with him ! (he is soliciting *** using his work email adress [email protected] , as well as his personal email adress [email protected]).
Matthew Smith even spent 6 months in Asia in 2014 just for *** tourism. This wretched, dirty, filthy, nasty, sick-minded, and evil man must be exposed for his corrupt, depraved, vile, and scandalous ways that some people including his employers (currently) are unaware of. It is time that all become aware of the sinister and malicious doings of Matthew Smith and this report intends to indeed do so.

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