Watch out middle aged WHITE women (prefers blondes) fresh outta divorce or mostly domestic abuse. This playya will walk into your life empty, living with his mama in the “hood”, no job, yatta, yatta. You’ll spend all your money just for a bite, when he’s the one biting you!
A 2 month “****-buddy” turned into a 5 year ******* expensive empty nightmare. Name: I think anyway: Michael Scott, Oakland, Ca Known dating site: I think anyway: POF, Match, OK cupid, Blackplanet, Black People, Big Beatutiful Women and who the **** knows Races at Sonoma Raceway and Sacramento Raceway his “gifted” drag bikes. Unless your into this behavior…go for it..if not then RUN LIKE ****
I was at least the 4th victim, I think

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