Michael is from West Virginia, but lives in Naples. He derives great pleasure from briwf sexual liaisons. He suffersnfrom incurable personality disorders and repeat over and over the same cycle, no matter whom he is dating or for how long. He twists the truth to fit his momentary goals and to play mind games. His lies help him establish credibility with the women. He started to cheat on his fiancee long before they got engaged and continued to cheat on her with several women for the 3 years he was married. He is a sexual predator. He will give you many opportunities for you to realize who he really is. He will tell tou that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now, but that things can change. He will leave other women’s shampoo bottles, make up out in plain sight, unless he wears concealer, because that is what I found one of the times. He will also tell you that you can stay the night, but in the bedroom next door. Meanwhile he is sneaking other women in and you will be able to hear them having ***. He is sick, and if you do stay the night you are just really stupid. He has an alcohol problem, and confessed using drugs, including cocaine, from a local dentist. Wow, I certainly would not see this dentist. Also, his ex-wife never suspected anything, and quite honestly, I have no idea how she couldn’t have. They were still married and he started dating co-worker Valerie Goodnow at Florida Community Bank. He has been laid off from jobs and his ex-wife had to take on a second job to support them. What a loser. He married her for all the wrong reasons to start with. He felt so good telling people he lived where he lived, it was hilarious. Just be careful with this guy. He is really nice and sweet, and you will think he is the guy from your dreams. Don’t even think about getting close to his phone. He will throw a fit, because he is hiding texts with other women. If you accept his terms, you will be included in a sexual rotation schedule, because that is all he wants from you. He will use you for ***, and contact you again after 3 or 4 weeks, after he has had *** with several others. He doesn’t lime using protection, red flag! He is careless about diseases. He just doesn’t care.

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