My wife and I attended a vacation seminar with Vacation Now For Less, and was told no credit check would be needed for the vacation package because the credit is done in-house. We later find out that Monterey Financial Services, Inc. ran our credit while we were in their presence at the seminar, being lied to. Monterey Financial Services, Inc. sent a denial letter to each one of us, regretting to inform us that they cannot approve our application. So I cancelled the card designated for the monthly payments to prevent automatic withdrawals. But!!!!!! Even though we were denied credit, they still claim that we owe the money and continue to accrue interest on the account balance. We never used the vacation services, nor the member portal, but yet we continued to be harassed by Monterey Financial Services, Inc. who are very unethical, rude and threatening non-human beings. To say they are unreasonable to deal with is an understatement. We talked to numerous phone representatives, falsely claiming that they did not run the credit, despite the fact that the denial letter indicates Monterey Financial Services, Inc. as the source. When attempting to contact them, they are always unreachable, yet they generate outgoing calls to harass us continuously. They are genuine scam artists at best. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MONTEREY FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. and VACATION NOW FOR LESS, which has since operated under multiple entities or alternate business names. Beware, because their intent is to damage credit reporting to force payment.

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