when i met Nathan in 08.2016 through tinder he pretended to be single, no kids, never married. he said he would never cheat and if his gf would cheat on him and he finds out he would never forgive her and imediately break up the relationship. as shcked i was when his fiance found out about him cheating and reached out to me sending me proof. NAthan has sides of a sociopath and has Narcissistic personality disorder. his fiance and mother of two kids found out about many other women he constantly has contacted during their relationship. this is a warning to all future women who cross his path. he is very charming but at the same time he is constantly lying. you can proof him wrong though by beeing very cautious. he told me he isnt on facebook but it turned out he blocked me that i can’t find out about his fiance and his two kids. his mother karen cote has pictures online of all family members.

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