This is girl when pretends or wants to be your friend and likes to drink and get high with your husband in her apartment without your consent. This is a girl for months kept texting asking my husband to come to her apartment or showing up to my apartment uninvited. I declined going up to her apartment many times to see if she will pick any signs but She is too stupid & ignorant. This is girl plays the sorry and lonely card in order to get high and f*****. This is a girl who cannot get any man to take her serious.

This is a girl when I told her it was not okay this behavior she got upset, this is a girl when I asked her to stop she continue texting and having my husband coming up to her apartment.

This is a girl I tried to let her know her behavior was not acceptable, She decided to come to apartment and tried to fight me with a teezer. This is a lost girl, I felt sorry and tried to be her friend but she did not respected my marriage or any boundaries as a good friend should be. *** knows???

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