I go to college at the Art-Insitute of Raleigh-Durham located in the tobacco district of durham beside of the school is a cafe/barbershop between the barber shop and the cafe is a man that shines shoes named Nick Nickholas and he is a pervert! he only flirts with young black girls so white girls wont deal with him but anyway I have talked to him after he came up to me while I was sitting outside the cafe I thought he was a just a old man that was just being friendly but the more I sat and talked to him the more uncomfortable I got im 20 now but I was 19 when I meet him he said that he likes girls that was too young for for him and that he liked my age he also told me that maybe I should be with an older man and not only asked for my number twice but asked me if he could come to my house! he stares at me through the glass door/window and told me one day that he liked what I had wore on the previous day I went to school other young black girls have come out and said that he has flirted with them too but none of them want to report him in the only one that has reported him to administration at school and so far security has done nothing to stop this man if you are in this area and your a young black girl like me try to stay away from this area if he approaches you he`s not just being friendly!

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