Nicola Thorpe is a schizophrenic unmedicated diseased hooker. Nicola Thorpe has many STD’s due to unprotected *** with men off the internet.

Nicola Thorpe is married and has children. She doesn’t care about her kids they are dumped on her husband Simon while she goes whoring. Nicola Thorpe chases men on social media. The men don’t realise how fat and unattractive she is as she airbrushes all her pics to make her look younger and less fat.

Nicola Thorpe tells the men she chases that her husband is ugly and she’s only with him for money. Nicola Thorpe is uneducated and has no prospects. Nicola stays with Simon so she has a roof over head and money for drugs.

If you hit this mental porker wear protection and hold your breath she stinks. She’s a racist troll. So if ya ain’t white she may stab you.

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