This chick is a real piece of work. She’s a hairdresser in Los Gatos and a well-known jersey chaser with past history of hooking up with hockey players in town, including players from other teams far more recently while bragging about “dating” her latest conquest. I put dating in quotes because I have firsthand knowledge things aren’t as serious as she’s trying to convince everyone.

She has a huge mouth, bragging about everything she’s doing with the current guy. I feel sorry for him “casually dating” (aka f**king) this ***** likely unaware she’s sloppy seconds

She actually thinks they’re serious but I’ve seen firsthand how he acts single in public and doesn’t even claim her. He’s a quiet and unassuming person who doesn’t like people nosing around in his private life, but unfortunately this loose lips tramp can’t keep her mouth shut which is why she’ll never rise above the status of booty call. Girl’s totally busted looking for 29 with her big nose, horsey teeth, and no ****.

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