I designed and agreed to a price on some t-shirts on the website ooshirts.com. My credit card was charged for approximately 160 dollars, for what I had designed, and for what was to be my order. I was told it had been approved. Later I was contacted and told the project was on hold and needed additional changes for which the price nearly doubled. I did not agree to this, but the initial charge was left on my credit card. I tried the process again with the same results. There is no way to get to the point on their design page where you can see what you have and how much it costs until you are charged. I have fraud protection, and was soon contacted by my bank about suspicious activity on my card. When I looked, the charges were still there from ooshirts for two unfinished projects to which I did not agree. There were also two 25 dollar fees on the card from them that I still don’t understand. As I went through the process of trying to have the bank help me with the card, I saw these different suspicious charges and was left no choice but to cancel the card. I thought I had this all worked out, and went back to the ooshirts.com website to proceed with a simple and concise order that I thought would be acceptable. The t-shirts arrived at my home, and were printed on the wrong color of shirt. I have tried to call ooshirts to no avail, their recording says to email them. I have emailed repeatedly with no response. After finding their Facebook page, I finally got one response regarding my request for them to cancel the credit card orders to which I didn’t agree. After the shirts arrived, I sent them pictures of how far from correct the shirts were, and I have since gotten no response. That was two days ago, so I am stuck with shirts that are the wrong color, and I cannot get in touch with them. They will not respond. The money is not that big a deal, and most of the charges to my card have been taken care of as far as I can tell. I am not claiming they took money from me, but the terrible job they did and the subsequent disrespect and poor business practice of being nearly unreachable and highly unresponsive is unacceptable. That is why I am sending this report. I have never done anything like this before in my life, but I feel this to be completely disrespectful and pathetic business practice, and that they should be exposed.

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