The following words: Oppressive Owner, Slave-driving Tyrant, Absolute Bully, Deceitful Practices, Intimidator, and Dictator correctly describe Michael Joseph who is the owner and operator of a security firm in the island country of Trinidad and Tobago that is known as Optimal Investigation or Optimal Security Services.

This man named Michael Joseph walks about with such arrogance and pride that he feels like he is walking on air or he believes that he is some kind of ***. This is the type of arrogance, smugness, conceit, haughtiness, and pride that comes out of this man.

This has led to the mistreatment of workers who have worked for him at times because once you work for him you can expect to be treated like a slave from time to time by him as though he owns you as his property. This is just one of the many shameful dealings that is both nasty and rotten that goes on at Optimal Investigation. This must be exposed along with Michael Joseph for the dirty and stinking ways that he has.

Example: Ms Mudi Who Has Worked For Michael Joseph. He made her cry literal tears after roughly talking to her as the Abusive Slave-Driving, Tyrant and Cheating Dictator that he indeed most certainly is.

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