I can sit here and write a book about this loser to best describe him or I can tell you in 3 simple ways so that you get it quick. 1. Scott Peterson 2. Scott Peterson 3. Scott Peterson When you meet this guy you’ll want to do everything for him. He seems like the best thing on earth. How lucky I am you will think. Your friends will be so envious of you. He always seems happy and carefree – until he gets you lured in. Then he will beat the **** out of you and your kids, lie cheat and mess you up real bad. When the cops come – he’ll charm their pants off and leave you and your kids alone with him again for round 2. He’ll take everything from you that you have worked for for the last 15 years and you won’t even care in the end – you’ll just be happy to get out with your life. Run like **** to the highest mountain and bring weapons of mass destruction for self defense.

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