Paul Johnson is a total scumbag. He cheated on his wife of 26 plus years over a two year period, and lied constantly to the person he was cheating with. He is very, very insecure, has a substandard grasp of basic morality (and grammar) and is very, very short. He is bald, fat and worst of all wears amazingly stupid shoes. He pretended to have a PhD for two years when he does not, and only has a bog standard degree in a generic subject and consistently put people down for not treating him with reverence for the PhD he didn’t actually have. He was very nasty and even complained formally about a young shop girl who asked about his PhD in a very humorous way – when he didn’t even have one. He thinks he is more intelligent than anyone else (and constantly says so) when he is clearly much less intelligent than the people he criticises. He lies constantly but never consistently as he is not clever enough to remember and sustain those lies, and as a result is always caught out. He cons those closest to him, and threatens those he fools. He employs very creepy methods to control those who are temporarily fooled by him, including personal surveillance and many other stalker-type methods including spy cameras and tracking devices. He makes threats of violence which his very diminutive stature renders ridiculous when he is caught out, and routinely sells out his loving family in the worst possible way. He is a serial control freak, and extremely emotionally abusive although those he does it to are rarely aware of it until it is too late. Not a word that passes his lips can be trusted. He lies on an epic scale, to his family and loved ones and to trusted business partners. He is financially corrupt and lies as a matter of course on any subject. Nothing he says can be trusted on any level. Avoid this person at all costs – he will always be an insecure, needy, manipulative and probably psychotic liar of the worst order and only the very, very worst can come of any association with him. Seriously – the guy is a totally nut job. Avoid like the plague!

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