Philip Gibson who goes by Shawn Gibson owes $9,000 in child support and has a warrant in Missouri and has some child abuse charges looming as well. His supposed Christian family has protected this disgraceful person and turned their back on the child which makes no sense and I don’t know how such heartless people can sleep at night. They are wealthy and pretend to be good people for show to their congregation, but behind it all is this shame. “Shawn” Gibson is a nasty drug-addict who left his wreckage on my son and after teaching him to be like him he disappeared as if his whole purpose was to harm me thru his son- it is insane but that’s exactly what this sociopath as well as psychopath is. I was naive and had nobody to turn to for anything in my younger years and I advice others to understand the dynamics of twisted people because they will pull the wool over your eyes and pray on the innocent. Any woman to get involved with this man needs to run! He has an explosive temper of the worst kind and could easily kill. In fact on one the last times he seen my child was when he was 15 and beat him up when my son was nearly incompacitated and not able to defend himself- and choked him unconscious. He should be charged with attempted murder! He’s the real face of a monster!

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