On 7/26/16 I called PODS to request removal of a storage unit I had rented from them. The rep told me they could not pick it up until 8/11/16. I asked to speak to a mgr. The mgr. apologized but was unable to get an earlier pickup from their Ca location. I told her my bill processes each month on the 9th and they auto bill my credit card on the 10th. She said she would stop the auto payment and I assured me I would not be billed for August. On 8/10/16 they charged my credit card for the pick up fee of $121.52, which is fine, but also for an additional month of service, 8/9/16 through 9/8/16 for $179.84. I have called PODS repeatedly to try and resolve this and am told that only one specific manager can reverse the charges but she is never available. I have left three messages but she will not return my call. I have asked my credit card company to open a dispute on the charge and they have done so. PODS did finally pick up the unit on 8/11/16 and the driver did not have any issues with the condition of the unit.

5585 Rio Vista Dr,
Clearwater, FL 33760-3114
Phone: (800) 776-7637
Fax: (727) 538-6339

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