I am glad to see others complaining about this Fraud website. I also have been a victim of their Scam. This website needs to be shut down. I did go on and report to the IC3 FBI Internet crimes site also. Dirt bags like this should be put in jail for sure. Real CREEPS. I was reviewing how to be removed. It seems the only way is to pay a service they recommend. I see why everyone calls them BLACKMAILERS for sure! I think it is funny, they say you can report three predators you know to be considered for removal. What fools!! Lets see…. how many Predators do I know…. None! Only the website PREDATOTSWATCH.COM! It just PROVES they will make up lies and fake profiles, if they are basically asking others to do the same. Anyway… glad to see so many complaints about these SCAMMERS!


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