Quality Turf is a subcontractor of Affordable Homes in Va. When the company came to the house to lay the sod, their was no prep.of the ground(ie: an underlay of topsoil,weed killer and rocks still in the yard) The yard was not completly covered with sod (2pallets short,and 3wks later)the job was complete. Most of the sod died and the yard became striped. Crabgrass and other weeds grew wildly though the instructions were followed to the ltr. The company refuses to replace the sod only to say that they will reseed in the fall. I delt with this prob all summer long,it’s fall now and no results even after I called for 8 days in a row and not one return phone call or home visit.”The service after the sale is more important than the sale it self, buyers beware.”

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