He cheated and lied. A person I know dated him for 1yr 4months & out of that he was dating another woman(Renee Campbell) for 7 months!! He lied and cheated his whole way through the relationship. Her kids are even calling him “daddy”!!! When she confronted him he cried & snotted all over the place in her front yard like a little ***** and said he didn’t know who the “other woman was” (Renee Campbell)! Long story short, he got caught & he chose her dirty *** over a loyal classy woman! She (Renee Campbell) knew he cheated and kept his *** anyway while destroying a rental car in my friends name.I want to blast him for the piece of **** he is!!! Just in case her dumb *** kicks him to the curb I want to make sure he doesn’t screw anyone else over! He doesn’t deserve another good woman!

BTW they both live in Winston Salem, NC

His name is Antwan, his cell 336-794-6068. Please call him or text him as much as possible and tell him what a piece of **** he is!

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