Andre Jae Canepa (AJ), who now resides in Grass Valley, California, is actually the one who lied and cheated me out of my money when he ended up not paying me back like he said he would. He’s the kind of person that shouldn’t be trusted with money when I realized that I was just being used for money to buy him whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. That’s not what true friendship is about. Also, ladies should be careful and steer clear of him because of his impulsive sexual urges when single. One time, he pressed me into being used to release his sexual tension when he didn’t have *** for a while after the breakup with an ex-girlfriend. He told me that it’s doing him a favor as a friend to let him sniff my privates so he could jack off to relieve himself. At one point, he stated that we would’ve been f***ing if I don’t care about my virginity.

Actually, Andre is the real man ***** for going around sending **** pics and pictures of himself in women’s underwear to others women over the internet looking for some when he can’t seem to get any from his current girlfriend.

Also, he has slandered/defamed me all over the internet by giving out my personal contact information on the following sites besides this one:

What he’s doing by giving out my personal contact information is threatening my safety, which exposes me to potential danger by unknowingly making me the target of sexual predators and risk me getting kidnapped and raped.

His cellphone number that he used to contact me to inform me of his first slandering/defamation of me is (530) 788-8386.

E-mails: [email protected]; [email protected]

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