this loser is a cheater – he coerces women to meet up with him for a date. He is practically desperate and he says he can barely get a date. He lies to women and tells them he’s 30 mins from the location they’re meeting at, but he’s just a few mins away. The woman is 40 mins away and he forces her to drive to him, even though she is sick with the flu. When the date gets there, all he does is give her dirty looks and treat her like ****. He then ditches her when the movie starts after forcing her to drive 40 mins, lying to her, being rude and a jerk, pretentious and arrogant…he just wants to meet up with women and make them feel like **** and take his anger out on them..stay away from this loser creep and jerk. this scumbag, is ugly and old and ditches young pretty women. This idiot whines that he can’t get a date, but when he does get one he treats that person like ****. He is a horrible terrible person and a low life piece of sh*t. There’s a reason the universe doesn’t give dates to this piece of sh*t. Don’t EVER waste your time with this slimy sleazy liar and loser. Surprising garbage like this has kids and goes around treating women like ****..stay away- he’s ugly too weird and white trash. He works at universal studios and begs women to go to halloween horror nights with him, and will probably ditch them if they show up.

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