Manipulative, dishonest, broke, *** addict. Robert Ellis Smith made unwelcome advances towards our stage crew even though his is an old fart with erectile dysfunction. Although our theatrical group knows that RES needs acting as a second income, we promptly dismissed him after we received multiple complaints about his misconduct.

We heard that RES cruelly threw his son Gregor under the bus after he dropped out from URI. His negligence and apathy drove Gregor towards substance abuse. This eventually led Gregor to commit suicide from drug overdose at RES’s Block Island house. RES later attempted to hide the evidence and sold his Block Island dwelling for a hefty $580,000 in February 2014. Incidentally, RES’s newsletter business has been struggling financially for many years, so he used the money to save his business instead of giving his son a good life. This man does not have any redeeming quality.

Sociopaths want and need to blend in with society, there is no wonder that RES is a privacy advocate because he does not want his veil of deception made public knowledge. RES has a fetish for googling his own name because he is ashamed of his two divorces that resulted from his infidelity (hint: RES swings both ways). This man holds hands with the devil, do not let his claims to be a moral compass deceive you.

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