How in the world can Bob be hated by so many people but all of these women seem to be fighting for position or sympathy..Who ever started this was looking for attention and got it. this old lady put her business out there claiming she didn’t know but she did because one of her family members stated just that…the party chick who somebody claimed she has aids and STDS guess what that means all of you others that claim he sleeps with you have all of the same things as the party girl so I guess you might same welcome to the world of aids all of you are carrying the same germs and spreading them to everybody else. Whoever seems to be praising this Barbara you sound a little stupid what’s in it for you…Because it appears that all of you have forgotten HE IS A MARRIED MAN! regardless of what wife has or is doing to him he must love it cause he keeps making excuses for being/going back…Commitment doesn’t seem to be one his qualities anyone can make some one laugh that doesn’t mean he wants to spend his life with you..anyone can cheat on their spouse with anyone they want whether it’s one night a week 1hour a day 7days a week if he doesn’t get a divorce then he doesn’t want you either…He wants his wife…What makes you think you give him money for him to keep his wife happy some one claim they think he’s and addict how do you know unless you are one! So it seems to me that all of you that are sending attention to him and his wife don’t have any chance at all of being his choice for a woman because all of you are acting like teenagers and all of you should leave him alone if he is such a bad person…You can’t make anyone love you or leave his wife, because if he wanted to leave he’d have done that already he’s left before and stayed away for a couple of years..only to go back to her so it’s a battle that none of you are going to win….Grow up get a life and stop creating drama…but keep the comments coming ladies and keep putting your business out in the street….

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