Rodney Doran cheated on his both of his ex-wives, and three ex-girlfriends/fiance’s/live-ins. Those nights he “worked late, helped a friend, ran errands.” Nice try sweetheart, but I’m tired of being your side piece when they don’t please you. I’m tired of waiting for you to come around and see how much I cared while you propose to other women. Then you decided to bring something back you didn’t leave my house with and now I’m done with you too. You have done every woman in your life dirty. And fooled everyone in the process. In between that, he played around and had *** with anything that walks…and I mean anything, male and female. Now he wants to try and play like he’s such a wonderful father, lying to these women to get them into bed, and the whole time he’s been on drugs losing weight! Now…I am taking MY child, leaving you off the birth certificate so you can’t corrupt my child the way you are your ex’s child and will never take your phone call again!

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