Beware of this contractor. He is a fast talking thief. The work he did must be done over again. He will insist on you to sign a contract. When you do that it turns into a civil matter and when he takes your money he knows you can’t do anything because everthing he owns is in his wife’s name or his fathers. He will cash your checks and close out his bank accounts. We have a judgement against him as do many other people. I just got another letter from a elderly man claiming this contractor stoled 12,000 dollars from him and he has a judgement against him. He got us for about 8,000 and the work he did do has to be done over.I filed reports with the State Attorney Generals office and several other departments. I am still working to have criminal charges brought against this man. He moves area to area looking for people to steal their money. Do not hire this man! He IS A LIAR AND A THIEF!!!!! He is a fast talker. HIS NAME IS RUSSELL WERTZ FROM HERSHEY,PA.

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