Sachin Mahajan of Telus is a sexual monster predator on the *** offender registry. Sachin Mahajan in Toronto who works at Telus Ventures as Director in Toronto Canada is a serial cheater who has been unfaithful to his wife even before they get married. Sachin Mahajan is married and has a child yet he still continues to engage in sexual intimacy with his female co-workers (more like subordinates) in exchange for incentives such as raise in salary, bonuses, company perks, time off, etc. Sachin Mahajan also frequents strip bars and indulges escorts on a routine basis and I hear he he is an awful tipper when it comes to sexual services. Sachin Mahajan spends an astronomical sum of money on call girls for his pleasure. Sachin Mahajan is also on the Tinder app routinely seeking young teenage girls. Sachin Mahajan is a despicable person! Sachin Mahajan is now a convicted criminal and he is register on the *** offender registry give his serial rapes and sexual assault of young children.

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