We desperately need food all of our money went to our new apartment and we have no food or even gas if you can please help us we love venison or anything plus we are in need of pots and pans as well bless you call or text ask for Jessica

we will come pick up appliance or scrap metal refrigerator water hesters car parts and batteries lawn mowers if its metal we will come get it. Call for more information we don’t charge but we accept gas donations. We will still pick up without a gas donation .

We pick up in the followings areas
granger Osceola Mishawaka Elkhart Bristol cass south bend Buchanan union Goshen if it’s Goshen we would appreciate a gas donation .

Call or email ask for phil or Jessica

Family of 4 in desperate need of food (Elkhart/South Bend/Edwardsburg ETC.

Appliance and scrap metal removal n recycling (Elkhart/South Bend/Edwardsburg ETC.

as well other ads. she has
im just curious , you want free stuff. then ask for venison !
a bit much. ja. a pricey meat asking for. geesh.
any one donating to this ” Jessica” / do your research. to see if she and they are REALLY in need. !!!
a family of 4 with no pots and pans ! really…. come on !
how did you manage all this time with your familie with no pots and pans ?
I smell a scam. wanting free stuff. to see how much you will get….The ads say ask for Phil or Jessica.

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