In October of 1999, my son bought a new Sega Dreamcast console with his own hard earned money at full retail price. He also subsequently purchased several game discs with his own money. In March of 2000, he was playing the game when the console blew apart, sending parts flying all over the room. He suffered a burn on his neck from a flying hot part hitting him. I notified Sega (after the usual run-around trying to find a live person to talk to) of the problem. I asked them to either repair the unit, replace it, or refund his money. I also told them I’d be willing for them to examine the unit to make sure it wasn’t a common defect that could harm some other kid or burn somebody’s house down and maybe kill somebody. I was given an address to send the console to and was advised to send the game disc he was playing when the incident occurred, too. In about three weeks I got a curt letter from Sega saying they found no factory defect and they had no intention of replacing, repairing or making a refund. I’m surprised they failed to notice the large black smudge on the back of the console where the power source is attached. To date, they have made no effort to return his console and his game disc to him. After all, they are his property, not Sega’s. He has lost over $400 in his investment in the console and game discs for the Dreamcast. Fortunately, he has a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation which have performed flawlessly. I wisely took pictures of the console before picking up the pieces and also took close-ups of the damage to the back of the console. The game console was operating through a surge protector during the incident, so there was no fault on my son’s part. It also happened on a clear evening with no weather systems in the area. I will keep trying to get satisfaction from Sega. In the meantime, please think twice before you invest in one of their products. Thank you for your support in this matter,

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