Well… I somewhat feel bad for putting this guy up here, because he was a total sweetheart, but there is somewhere where you need to draw the line. I had met him off of hotornot.com. (Speaking of hotornot… you’d think someone would get the point already— there’s only one person who was worth my while off of hotornot… you know who you are). At first he seemed like such a sweetheart opening doors for me and all of that gentlemen like kind of stuff. We went out on a couple of dates… hooked up several times during our dating period. Everything was going great, and then he dropped a bomb. He pretty much called me up and told me that he couldn’t see me anymore because of his ex… now it’s not what you think. Supposedly, before me and him started dating, he hooked up with her when she came up to visit him. Yeah… she was pregnant, and she told him that it was his kid. So… being the person that he was, he decided that he was going to have her move in with him, and take care of the baby. Well… right before she was supposed to move up here for him, she called him up crying saying that the kid wasn’t his but that she had wanted it to be. So yeah… after not hearing from him for a while and being heartbroken, he calls me up on New Years Eve to say Happy New Year. That’s when he told me the whole entire story of what had happened… now that I think of it… maybe SHE should be on here. LOL. So I ended up forgiving him for dropping me like a bad habit and we started dating again. Well… a little time goes by… a lot of **** going on in my life… I was really stressed out… yeah… getting majorly screwed over. So… he calls me up one day… and tells me that he can’t see me anymore. And his reason you may ask? He got upset with me because I was hanging out at one of my best friends’ place. Well… he never asked me out… never made it official… I wasn’t tied down. Hey… maybe I’m in the wrong for thinking that this guy qualifies to be on here… but he sure did break my heart by telling me that he didn’t think that i was “the one”. I know that there is that one person out there whom you are going to click with and that will always be by your side through whatever may come your way, I never wanted to marry the guy… I just wanted to date him and see where things went. Well… if you’re looking for Mrs. Right… I hope you find her… because more than likely you won’t… especially if you’re looking. And… since all of this happened, he’s been sending me e-mails with attached virus’s to them… plenty of them. I get at least 10-15 a day. Ridiculous. And he called me drunk the other day, hoping that I would be at the club that he happened to go to. Ironically enough… I was going to go to that club, but decided not to go for a variety of reasons. He wanted to eat breakfast with me the next morning… and so I was just like… um… ok. When I called him the next morning to see if he wanted to go and eat some breakfast, he didn’t answer his phone nor return my phone call.

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