Shelby Cappel has a long history of cheating and lying. He has cheated on both his wives and every woman I’ve been in contact with. He continues to have multiple dating profiles all while in relationships. He is a complete narcissistic and will lie to make himself something he is not, in order to get you into bed. He lies about having colon cancer when in fact he simply had crohns. His mother helps with this as she knows his history but won’t tell you to be leary. He uses people for every ounce of money they have and then takes off and refuses to pay back. He was once sued by a woman he had an affair with because he refused to pay her back the airfare she paid for him to fly to her (she didn’t know he waa still married because he lied to her). Seriously ladies, this is not a vendetta. I am simply trying to warn you to run far away as fast as you can. He finds woman who have children and tries to be daddy because it makes him look good, but he just abandons them. This man is the worst of the worst. Please for the sake of yourselves and your children, STAY AWAY! He will lie and try to manipulate you into believing that every bad thing you hear is a lie and he was the one with the bad woman. Problem is that he says they’re all bad. Only common denominator is him!!

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