After my business website was hacked on or before December 29, 2015, I was advised by my web hosting company HostGator to contact its security partner, Sitelock. Sitelock offered me two options: a one-time cleaning for $300, or cleaning plus monitoring for $90/month. I chose the one-time cleaning (my other site administrator is an IT professional who was ready to harden the newly cleaned site against further attacks). The first cleaning was performed, but it was not done correctly, as massive corruption remained on the website. I contacted Sitelock, and the company agreed to clean the site properly. I never heard back, and when I contacted them to follow up, I was told the cleaning had been done days before. The site was still under attack, and I have no way of knowing whether it was actually cleaned the second time. I was then told I chose the wrong product (the $300 cleaning) because I had an active hacker who went right back to work on my site. But I was not notified of the second cleaning, so my IT-expert admin didn’t have a chance to log in and secure the site. Days later, I was contacted by a Sitelock representative who said they’d work out something for me (i.e., some sort of discount on future work). I told him I just wanted a refund. I was again told I chose the wrong product (he said they don’t recommend the $300 cleaning to anyone). I asked the rep why Sitelock offers the one-time cleaning service, and he had no answer. I’ve heard nothing from the company since. In sum: The first cleaning was done improperly. The second was done without my knowledge. I have since had to abandon the site and start fresh with a new hosting company. I feel I’ve been “taken” for $300.. Sitelock should stop offering the one-time cleaning option. Either that, or they should send customers an email or phone call notification IMMEDIATELY following the cleaning so customers can inspect the site and either notify Sitelock of lingering problems or properly secure the site.

Sitelock, LLC
8800 E Chaparral Rd Ste 130,
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Phone: (877) 257-9263

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