Hi im jr a few months back I had put a big time scammer on this site scamboard.com and his youtube was Skyline xL. He had over 1000 subs so I thought he was legit I had paid 100$ for a rgh which is modified xbox. I hadnt recieved it in months its been so long and I dont even care if this scrub even sent me it. I dont need his crappy xbox and I want to warn all those that support him to listen to my story this scrub is a scammer and he sells mod menus but he tells you that u get lifetime but when his new menu comes out you have to buy lifetime again his friends youtube is Acrosonal he is a scammer also he helped skyline scam others and me. I bought a rgh from a man named zach off ebay I recived it in 2 days. I am now a popular modder that goes by the youtube channel Tryz Mods subscribe like and comment and tell me what u think of this kid being a scammer and if u have been scammed by this scrub. I also would like to mention I think he might be gay, he always says gay stuff to his friends on skype calls when i had first bought the xbox skyline is gay for those who didnt know his new youtube channel is skyacro he tryed to hide in the dark well badbizreport.com shine the light on his little ***. He’s a young man that dosent know what hes gonna get for scamming. 1 day he will make the wrong person mad and they will kick his front teeth in and I guarantee he wont scam no one again. Thank you for listening and please dont get scammed by this kid 🙁

*** Bless


Tryz Mods


He change his name from Skyline xL to SkyAcro because of this report, that exposes him for what he is. Here is that link to this report


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