The company chose to Ban my daughters account. We paid for VIP status, and I deserve my money back for the unused time paid for. On Jan15 someone reported my daughter for something that she did not do. Small Worlds put her in a 7 day ban status while they reviewed the case. I emailed them immediately asking for clarification. They responded, asking me a few more questions, then turned around and banned her permanently from the game. I contacted them again asking what exactly they felt she did, because she did not feel she did anything wrong. To that, they never responded. I then contacted them asking for a refund of the VIP status that we had paid for, and once again asking why she had been banned in the first place. They responded with a copy of their policies, which state that if you cancel your VIP membership, you are not entitled to any refunds. I responded that I understood that, but WE did not cancel her membership, they did, therefore we are owed our money back. I have continued to reach out to them every 2 – 3 weeks, and they are choosing to ignore me. I have copies of all of the correspondence between us. I believe we paid $69.95 for her VIP status at the time we signed up. After all they have put us through, I request a full refund of that amount, payable to me in a check. She no longer wants to be part of a game that treats her that way, so she does not want them to reinstate her account. I may be off on that amount, since it was a year ago in May that we paid, but I am sure they have records of how much we paid. I only request a full refund of what we paid out



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