Sprint PCS advertises a nationwide digital service. One assumes that this is indeed a fact and that digital service is available anywhere in the U.S. This is not the case. I purchased my wireless phone from Sprint PCS on December 29, 2000 and was assured that town in Missouri was covered by the Sprint digital system. Upon receiving the wireless phone, I could not place any calls. Sprint decided it had to be a faulty telephone. A new phone was sent and received. The new wireless phone did not work either. I took it to a Sprint pone store and was told the phone was told the telephone was fine, but that Ssprint did not have sufficient signal in my area to palce calls. Upon calling the tech service at Sprint I was told that wireless phones are not guaranteed to work in structures. That means my home. I am a transplant patient. I asked if that meant I needed to go outside in the Missour winter to use my phone. Tech support said “Yes”. I attempted to use the phone outside. It still did not work. I decided to send the phone back. One has 14 days to return a phone with Sprint. I was at day 12. Even thoght one does not have signal in their area a connection fee still has to be paid. Also, a local call and a long distance call went trough on my repeated dialing attemps. Altought I could not hear anyone on the phone, I was charged for the two calls. I immediately asked what my pay-off amount was. Billing told me $37.19. In January I received a bill for $68.90. I went ahead and paid the $37.19 that billing said was due. In February I received a bill for $52.60. I called them and told them that billing had given me a pay-off of $37.19. They said OK you bill is now $0.00. I then called the department that receives returned phones. They said that both telephones had been received by them. I asked that the $107.21 refund by made on the phone I had debited to my checking account. the phone exchange department did that on February 26, 2001. In March billing took that credit of $107.21 and turned it into a bill of $107.21. Billing said that they had to write the credit that way and to expect a credit on my checking account in 10 business days. A credit adjustment was made instead and I now have a $0.00 balance with billing, but no credit has been made to my checking account. Believe me when I say I have been raked over the coals by Sprint. In all of this, the phone exchange department has been very kind in attempting to halp me get my $107.21 credit from Sprint. You would think that Sprint would say, “We are sorry that we could not provide service in your area Here is a total refund.” Reat Assured that billing is not kind at all when speaking to you. Sprint wants your service, when they first speak to you. When service cannot be provided all at Sprint, but the exchange department, do not want to hear from you. Do look elsewhere. See if the nearest Sprint store to you will allow you to take a wireless phone home to see if it works in your area. It is my understanding that Verison allows you three days with a total refund, if their wireless phone does not work in the purchaer’s area. Sprint is not so kind. Buyer Beware. Avoid the headhaches I have encountered with Sprint PCS

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