While attempting to contact what I thought was customer service for Facebook, (by the way Facebook has no phone support) I was diverted to an Indian man who claimed to be an employee of Facebook. He said he needed to remote access my computer to help me with my Facebook problem. Once on my computer, he informed me that my computer had been hacked and spyware, malware and koobface had been put on my computer. He frightened me to the point I allowed him to transfer me to what he said was the only company in my area equipped to handle this sort of problem. I was transferred to Tech Trager, Inc. located at 97 Broadway Hicksville, NY 11801. Again an Indian man said he needed remote access to my computer to fix the problem, and it would cost $679.99 for the repair and a one year plan that would provide network security. They said I needed to sign a contract and mail a certified check right away. They even offered FedEx next day pick up for the check. I quickly checked them out on the internet and found their website and location. The man then got on my computer and showed me several positive reviews. He accessed my computer for almost one hour and told me I did not have to sit in front of the computer. He would call when he was done. This was a Friday evening. I worried about it all weekend, and they even contacted me on Saturday to see if I signed the “DocuSign” contract and mailed the check. I did sign the agreement and sent it back on that Saturday, but decided to wait on sending the check right away. I took my computer to my local company, Annapolis Geeks, and they informed me there was no security software installed any I probably didn’t have any spyware or any of the other malicious things on my computer they described to me on the previous Friday. They called me on Monday while I was waiting to get my computer back and asked me if I mailed the check. I then informed them I was waiting to find out for sure if I had been scammed, and the girl claiming to be calling from the billing department of Tech Trager hung up on me and I have not heard back since

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