Billing issues due to the website added more products after submitting payment. Cancelled order and still not refunded through my bank 3 days later. Purchased 4 nankang ns tires and when I hit send to submit my order, on 8-6, the order was doubled. My total before hitting send, was $335.70. When I hit send it doubled my order and charged my bank card $671.40. I right then called and talked to Janine. She changed my order and said I would only be charged the correct amount. I checked my account and it was charged incorrectly for $671.40. I called 8-7 and talked to Andy. He said it was cancelled and my card should be credited back right then. As of 8-79, my card still reflects the amount $671.40 and has my account overdrawn. I want my money back as the order was cancelled. I had to withdrawal funds from savings for personal use due to lack of funds from not being able to use my account. And any overdraft fees I have incurred.

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