When I got suspicious I googled Todd Johnston Oakville. He stopped texting me this week without a word! I found cheaters.com thank you! Turns out all on this site is true. He told me he loved me so quickly. Said we would get married because he was “in love” with me he never felt the way as he had with me. Told me he was leaving a woman he had been dating and was buying a place for him and his kids. He told me he was divorced a long time before we got intimate. Found out from this site this wasn’t true. He took pictures of me he told me how he loved my a** and how beautiful I was. *** was quick and disconnected more often with reason he didnt want to talk about it because I wouldn’t understand. I was taken. Todd Johnston is a creep in every sense of the word. He seems like a nice guy but he does not care about anyone than himself and loves to talk about himself. So selfish. He’s with some woman now that he calls a “friend” I’ve been down that road. Don’t be a fool.

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