I am writing this to hopefully save another woman from the anguish that Tom Kavana will ultimately coldly and callously instill in your life. He is a narcissist. He preys on the online dating sites. He will only seek out attractive smart and financially secure women. He will be charming and attentive.he will shower you with sweet texts every morning call you every night and start a relationship quickly. You will feel like you struck gold. He will shower you with attention on Facebook. ..he will passionately be unable to keep his hands off you sexually and he will take beautiful photographs of you at all times. He will introduce you to friends.take you to AA meetings and he will tell you you’re the first woman he has done a lot of things with. .. then as the relationship grows you will realize he isn’t very sincere he wants attention on his photography he starts to borrow money. He dominates conversations he talks down to you he stops having *** or he performs *** as a duty and makes you feel devalued. He will continue just enough intimacy with his hand on your leg while watching movies holding your hand in public. ..kissing you hello and goodbye but it will feel like something is wrong or missing and when you start to catch on he will tell you you’re his girl and he only wants you. He will continue to shop online while he is with you and be with other women even though he gives you free range to his home and you spend a lot of time together. If he feels you are catching on he will end it without any warning and he will come up with some reason. He will not do it compassionately and he will cut you off completely without any answers. Please please be wary…this is not like a normal relationship and it is horrific to deal with. I can only suggest researching relationships with a narcissist. ..check the dating sites to see his activity i wish i had.he leaves his phone out unlocked check it for everything i wish I had. Be prepared before you fall….once you do its a horrible ending.



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