I loaned Zach M (girlfriend is Sonya Rose – but she is a recent addition AFTER this happened – so no I do NOT hold her accountable for his lack of ethics and morals in a business agreement) $800.00 almost 2 years ago to the day to help cover legal fees from when he was arrested for “beating” on his ex girlfriend! He lived in Florida at this time – he PROMISED to pay me back! Hmmmm fast forward 2 years, empty promises and LOADS of lies… still have no money from him, just lies, broken promises and glorious pics of him (being on FULL DISABILITY) in trees working for a company called Topped in Time Tree Service (thinking a business he and his girlfriend own). What a load of HORSE ****!!! You can afford to have all of those saws refurbished, $2500.00 for bike forks, a POV camera to film you working, and I am sure you are making money for cutting those tress AND selling the logs AND you manage buy a house – yet you couldn’t even see your way clear of sending me a measly $20.00 a month to pay me like YOU said YOU would??? I am truly disabled and dying from lung cancer, living in my damned truck and you take advantage of the elderly by stealing their money??? I loaned you that money – in front of your dad for ***’s sake – on GOOD FAITH!!! That mere $20.00 a month would pay for some of my COPD/Emphysema medications! Are you warm, comfy, eating well? Do YOU have EVERYTHING you need??? Because I sure as **** don’t!!!!!!!!!! HOW SAD!!! I really hope someone you knows sees this! Hope you sleep well at night! Does your girlfriend and her family know what a real louse you are??? More like a DIRT BAG! YOU are the reason people can’t trust anyone any more!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS *******!

Topped in Time Tree Service
Little Redkill Valley
Fleischmanns, New York
(386) 852-5451

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