HEY THIS IS FOR THE DEADBEAT LAZY MOTHER NAMED TRACEY L MOORE. Hey I have been following your loser life on facebook and wow you are a real class act. I know of you from people and you are a real phony. Why don’t you get off your lazy fat **** and get a job instead of being a black widow. You don’t care for any of your many children from many men. Are you still living off society and from your dead father that you waited so long to die??? Admit your fraud to stealing from government agenices !!! You really complain a lot!!! Lets all look here up on facebook under here name or Tracey Moore Philip. Let the good fathers and people in life including honest mothers give here a piece of our minds. She is the real dumpy looking forty something year old in the pic. She resides at Peachtree run. Please forward this if you know her. Or mail it to her.

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