Me and my girl china met troy last summer and I gave him my number. He called that Friday wanting to hook up and told me to call my girl too. He said he was gone bring a friend. The n**** showed up at my house alone saying his boy was coming. So we smoking and drinking. He kept acting like his boy was calling and on his way but that never happened. He wanted to have a threesome so we did. After that ***** ***** nutted all over my girls a** he acted like he aint know she was tran. He threatens us that the s*** never happened and we better keep our mouths shut. We was so scared our high came down real quick. I told him that I was calling the police if he didn’t leave. We finally got him out of the house.He got into his raggedy a** benz .My girl snapped pics of his plates and we followed his a** to some hut that he probably calls home taking more pics. Should he f*** with us we will gladly post on all social medias .N**** you can’t be hanging out in gay bar parking lots and not expect to get found out. YES 1109 is HIS SPOT! So he clearly knew what he was getting. So females beware this n**** plays both sides of the fence

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